Emiliano Rantucci

Emiliano Rantucci
Experto enApplication Life Cycle
Miembro de : Application Services

We are the ones who help Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution companies to transform their IT and improve business processes. We are the ones that will deliver to your business the most innovative applications and technical solution from Microsoft. We are Capgemini and I am Emiliano Rantucci, your Microsoft Dynamics expert

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Mi experiencia

  • Principal – Sales Manager
    @ Capgemini
    En July 2012
    Leading Sales activities for Microsoft Dynamics in Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution sector
  • Sales Director
    @ Capgemini
    De January 2011 a January 2011
  • CEO
    @ Information Technology and Services Company
    De April 2009 a April 2009
  • Business Development Manager
    @ Information Technology and Services Company
    De March 2004 a March 2004
  • Product Manager
    @ Software Vendor
    De March 2000 a March 2000
  • Project Manager
    @ Software Vendor and Consulting Company
    De November 1995 a November 1995

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