IBX Purchase-to-Pay

Enhance productivity and compliance and deliver timely invoice payments through user-friendly supplier content and catalogues. Choose IBX Purchase-to-Pay to gain access to early discount opportunities through enhanced contract, purchase order, receipt and invoice transparency.

Increase Productivity, Improve Compliance

Operational procurement, specifically purchasing, can often slow down productivity.  At some companies, employees process an average of 20 purchases per year. But what if every purchase could be processed in five minutes instead of 35? Compliance and processing rates would improve, and employees would have more time for core contributions to your business.

Swift, Easy, Reliable Purchasing

IBX Purchase-to-Pay offers one channel for all purchases, available on any platform. The full suite of products and services includes:

  • IBX Shop
  • IBX Search
  • IBX Pricecheck
  • IBX Content Workbench
  • Managed services (implementation and supplier enablement)
  • Order and invoice routing
  • eProcurement
  • Purchasing intelligence

 Advantages include:

  • Reduced costs across the purchase-to-pay process
  • Improved productivity
  • Timely invoice payment
  • Less strain on accounts payable
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Increased procurement intelligence for better business decisions upstream
  • Native social media environment available
  • Greater access to early discount opportunities

Your Partner for Streamlined Purchasing

Clients in a range of sectors have reduced costs by 80% in invoice processing as a result of process automation such as e-invoicing. Scandinavia’s largest bank SEB reduced the number of helpdesk tickets initiated by end users by 75% upon deploying IBX Shop.

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