Discover an integrated information system that delivers trading accuracy to complex financial, capital and commodities markets. We call it Capitol.

Flexibility and Robustness at the Right Investment

To stay ahead in a competitive environment, companies operating in the complex financial, capital and commodities markets require highly effective trading systems with substantial trading accuracy. Platforms that support high volumes of real-time trading operations at high speeds and with minimal risk can put companies on the fast track to success.

Support Trading at Every Level

Flexible and robust, Capitol is an integrated system designed to support trading users in:

  • Orders and transactions
  • Portfolio management
  • Securities custody and deposit
  • Investment Fund management
  • Operational accounting
  • Treasury functionalities

This solution delivers:

  • Less complexity: Fast, controlled implementation
  • Easy maintenance: We provide complex maintenance services
  • Time efficiency: High level of process automation and a modular architecture system, which enables independent deployment
  • Instant processing: Real-time trading, automated settlement process, instant responses for commercial transactions
  • Enhanced information: Sufficient analytical information for decision-making
  • Lower risk: Less commercial and security risks due to online operations

Leading Financial Institutions Choose Capitol

Capitol is the preferred solution of many international financial institutions, banks, asset management companies, trading platforms and national banks. Our clients include:

  • KBC/Ceskoslovenska Obchodni Banka (Czechoslovak Commercial Bank)
  • Ceskomoravska Stavebni Sporitelna (Czech And Moravian Building Savings Bank)
  • Commerzbank AG
  • CSOB Asset Management Investment Company
  • Czech National Bank
  • GE Money Bank
  • ING Investment Management
  • Patria Direct
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