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En enero de 2018 los bancos deben cumplir con la Directiva de servicios de pagos (PSD2), con el fin de mejorar la protección de los pagos online, fomentar la innovación en los servicios de pago y hacer más seguros los pagos transfronterizos. La solución que aporta Capgemini ayuda a los bancos y PSPs a cumplir con los requisitos de cumplimiento y convertir PSD2 en una oportunidad de negocio.

Capgemini Announces Open Banking Solution for PSD2.

PSD2: A Blessing or a Curse for European Bankers?

PSD2 affects every part of the payment value chain, especially those with high innovation potential such as acquisition. Among the impacts, banks must provide third parties with controlled account access. This brings disintermediation risk and lowers the barriers to entry for new value-added service providers. To remain competitive, banks should view PSD2 as a value creation opportunity rather than a compliance responsibility. As they consider strategic options, collaboration and APIs are essential pieces.

Turn PSD2 into a Digital Opportunity

Capgemini’s API-based, market-ready solution enables banks and PSPs to achieve PSD2 compliance in a structured, controlled, and accelerated manner while turning the regulation into a digital opportunity to unlock new business models.

  • Capgemini’s API platform enables rapid release of APIs, lowering out of pocket costs for API build. Our Open API program encompasses API strategy, monetization support, API factory blueprint, and API analytics.
  • Our proven and tested compliance approach, leveraging PSD compliance tool, assessment checklists, and pre-built PSD2 APIs, jumpstarts your compliance program, reduces risk, and reduces cost of compliance by up to 50%*.
  • Our integrated developer portal and access to Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange(AIE) platform, provide the ability to seamlessly manage an Open Innovation ecosystem.

* In comparison with a greenfield solution if a bank decides to custom build all of the APIs

Bringing a holistic API strategy, we help banks prepare for Open Banking, leapfrog to the Open API economy, and manage an open innovation ecosystem.

  • Capgemini’s proven experience, best practices, and pre-built tools help maximize benefits. Our solution is supported by our partner ecosystem, including Amazon Web Services, Mulesoft, Token and AppDynamics.
  • Capgemini’s PSD compliance tool, based on vast experience with PSD compliance, helps accelerate time to benefits and reduce risks while providing audit trails and comprehensive reporting.
  • Our solution is backed by more than 30 years of experience in payments and the banking industry. We are one of very few providers with experience managing large-scale API programs.
    • For one of our clients, we managed the delivery of 86 API endpoints supporting 20 million unique consumers and 1.5 Billion GBP revenue.

Gain a PSD2 Advantage with Capgemini

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Turning PSD2 into a Growth Opportunity

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