DevOps - El futuro del ciclo de vida de aplicaciones de automatización

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Development to Operations (DevOps) will have a profound impact on the global IT sector in the near future. Realizing DevOps’ full potential, IT vendors have been agile enough in providing new products and services under the label “DevOps inside”, at an ever increasing pace. However, with the growth in product choices, conflicting definitions and competing services, customers often encounter confusion, while making complex purchase decisions. They often seem to be unsure about how to deploy DevOps and get the most out of the solution.
While not trying to delve deep into DevOps, the Whitepaper tries to answer the following key questions:
  • What is DevOps?
  • What is DevOps trying to achieve?
  • How will DevOps achieve this?
  • How best to make use of the new developments?