Information Strategy Development

Information is one of your most valuable business assets, and effective data management and interpretation can set your company apart. Through Capgemini's Intelligent Entreprise methodology, we help you develop an information strategy that unlocks the real value of your business information.

Benefit from Our Information Insights

Whether you are looking to leverage information on customer value, service performance or supply chain visibility, you face the same core challenges:

  • Sharing information across the enterprise
  • Gaining a comprehensive view of all business data
  • Making information easily accessible

Capgemini’s Information Opportunity Report reveals that companies using business information successfully can be up to 27% more effective. Our Intelligent Enterprise tools give you a comprehensive understanding of your company’s current business information environment and identify areas for improvement. These insights help you build a more effective organization by integrating:
  • Optimal information usage to focus on information that adds real business value
  • Advanced technology to use business intelligence tools for data gathering, structuring, analysis and distribution
  • Better business culture to create a focus on the drivers of business and customer value
  • Corporate training and education to support the new information strategy
  • More efficient organization to use business information successfully

Building a Strong Foundation for Your Information Strategy

Making business information work for you requires a clear strategy for managing data across your organization. Our approach targets the following areas:

We work with you to assess the level of information maturity within your organization. We then establish a roadmap for your business information journey. The result is a well-anchored information strategy, supported by a solid business case.

Collaborating with the World’s Leading Companies

Capgemini has supported top performing organizations across multiple sectors in the development and deployment of effective information strategies. We have the resources and capabilities to connect you with a global pool of Business Information Management experts. Our team combines information strategy and business consulting experience with deep domain expertise to ensure seamless and successful implementation.

Our global network comprises 7,500 business information management practitioners, 2,500 of whom are part of our business information management Center of Excellence in India, operating within our pioneering Rightshore® model. Our strength in business information management and our track record of successful project delivery ensure that we bring unique value to your information strategy development efforts.

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