Business Insights Service Center

Transform your data landscape: our Business Insights Service Center (BISC) creates reliable, high-quality reporting and analysis so you have the information and insights your business needs to stay competitive.

Capgemini Business Information Service Center (BISC) Transform your business through information

Combat Restrictive Data Infrastructures

Businesses today generate a wealth of data about customers, products, employees and categories, creating new opportunities to mine valuable insights. But for many organizations, their existing data infrastructure is too slow and too restrictive to usefully serve their business needs. In a recent Capgemini survey, more than one-third of business users admitted to bypassing IT to meet their analytical needs. 
Organizations need to improve accessibility to these insights so that decision-makers can improve customer experience and operational performance, while creating new business opportunities.


Business-Critical Insight Services

Our BISC solution is a scalable, managed services framework that transforms an organization’s business information (BI), big data, analytics and insights. It enables companies to deliver more reliable and relevant information to business users through a platform-centric model hosted on our data infrastructure or the Cloud.
  • High level of modularity
  • Multi-delivery models 
  • Business alignment
  • Service consumption based on a service catalog model
  • Software development accelerators
  • Advanced application management
  • Support for agile and iterative development
  • Dynamic pricing models

Tried and Tested Methodology

Using our Rightshore® development model, we use a set of well-defined processes and templates to develop a custom business intelligence model off-, near- and on-shore. Our clients save as much as 50% on BI development and support costs.

The BISC methodology is tried and tested, with clients ranging from small local organizations to major global players:
  • For a global beverage company, we set up a “One Global BI Platform” for all business users of BI, delivering 30% increase in productivity
  • For a major global telecom company, we provided cost savings of 20% in 24 months and substantially reduced their time-to-market
For more information, please contact Venkatakrishnan Iyer.

Unilever: Delivering Real-Time Information at the Point of Decision Making with the Support of Capgemini

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