Cities and Regional Government

“The explosion in mobility and smart technologies coincides with the fastest urbanization the planet has seen. We help cities become more sustainable by exploiting new technologies.”
Graham Colclough – Global Cities Lead

Build Smarter Cities for the Future

Urbanization, rapid population growth and shortages of resources are placing a new strain on city systems.
So how can cities fuel economic growth whilst improving environment and social conditions? What must they do to raise service quality despite finite resources, and ever-growing demand? How can they work more effectively across the public sector, and with the private and 3rd sectors to transform outcomes?
Smart technologies help city administrations tap into public information and create not just smarter, but more sustainable cities.

Unlock the Power of Data

The combination of real-time data collection and analytics now allows you to better understand customer behavior and demand, quickly anticipate future needs, and develop solutions that meet the needs of your citizens and businesses.
Capgemini provides the information and technology infrastructure that underpins vital systems in cities – from the transport network and the energy grid, to the provision of accessible, multi-channel public services.

A Partner with Global Vision

From Europe to China, the United States and Australia, our projects have made cities better places to live.
Considered a thought leader in sustainable cities, we work closely with you at every stage in the journey towards sustainability – from vision to implementation. The systems we put in place are enabled by modern technology, driven by citizens’ needs, and informed by accurate performance data.
Among our successes:
  • An eGovernment platform in Abu Dhabi empowered over 70 government departments to collaborate better and make public services more accessible to  citizens
  • Improved staff efficiency and collaboration with an easier business-critical solution for the City of Oslo
  • Provided greater accurate data of passenger and address their needs via their digital ticketing system for public transport in Paris
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