Azkar modernised its information systems

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The situation

Founded in 1993, Azkar is today the leading Spanish company in transportation and distribution logistics. The company achieved 2011 turnover of over €400 million and a workforce of over 5,000 employees that provide services to 15.0000 customers in Spain and Portugal. As many companies have had to do in the current scenario, Azkar needed to adjust costs, including in IT, but with the proper updating and modernization of their IT systems and solutions to enable them to remain competitive without jeopardizing the future of their business. They had to reduce costs in IT maintenance and assets, especially in licensing Oracle databases, addressing a necessary technological renewal and initiate change in the provision of IT services to a pay per use model.

The solution

Since 2010 Capgemini has worked with Azkar as a provider CPD IT infrastructure maintenance services. Based on this good knowledge of IT and business environment of the client and the preferred relationship with Oracle, we provided the client with the option of defining a joint solution to the three challenges (costs, modernization and simplification) based on a full Oracle architecture and in which Capgemini would provide transparent IT infrastructure services to the client. For over eight months, the consultant teams of Capgemini and Oracle worked with the client to define different technological options and economic scenarios that could respond to the needs and requirements posed. In November 2011 a solution was reached:

  • Consolidation of all systems and applications in a full Oracle architecture mainly based on preconfigured systems: Exadata, ODA and Pillar Axiom
  • The new platform assured an improvement in performance and capacity for adequate growth in accordance with the client's needs
  • The capabilities of these systems, especially Exadata, allowed us to define a very competitive and advantageous policy of licensing Oracle software for the client 
  • Capgemini would transparently provide all defined IT platform services (hardware, software, media, monitoring, administration, etc.) to the client for a period of five years
  • The client would substitute the ownership of the equipment, software and IT maintenance contract for a single overall contract to provide IT services

The results

The consolidation in Exadata and savings on licensing fees allowed for the technological renovation of Azkar. Thanks to the commitment and involvement at the highest level by Capgemini and Oracle and the capabilities of the preconfigured systems of this partner, we were able to define models that do not involve new investment by the client, but rather a significant savings in costs in the first year. The recognition of our IT transformation project for Azka rhas been led to Capgemini being granted with the Global Excellence Award as a Specialised Oracle Partner in 2012. This award recognizes Capgemini for our innovative solutions and track record of delivering value to the customer, IT simplification and cost savings.

Working together

In March 2010 Azkar awarded Capgemini the management of the client's IT systems for a period of three years. The contract was an important achievement to position our company in the sector but was also challenging due to the planned complex technological transformation of the leading Spanish company in transportation and distribution logistics. The quality of the service provided and the relationship of trust with the client allowed Capgemini to be chosen as a IT Infrastructure partner of Azkar just one year later. Using our alliance with Oracle we acquired the products and licenses necessary for the provision of the service to Azkar, allowing for significant savings in costs. Capgemini and Oracle worked together with the client in the definition of the technological solutions and economic model that could respond to the client's needs (costs, modernization and simplification). One of the determining factors for achieving the objectives of each of the parties has been the confidence and transparency that existed throughout the process. Azkar made Capgemini a participant in all their needs and we took ownership of these needs to transmit them to Oracle. At the same time, Capgemini’s alliance with Oracle allowed us to know and understand the capabilities and possibilities of this partner to meet the client's requirements. In this spirit of transparency, we defined and adapted the various technological and economic scenarios, allowing rapid progress towards a solution in which everyone, Azkar, Capgemini and Oracle, felt comfortable.