Cloud Computing: Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Cloud computing is proving to be a step change in the way we design, build, implement, deliver and manage our IT to support the business agenda.

Capgemini’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service is pragmatically positioned as a business-enabling platform that is part of a computing continuum that starts with legacy systems and extends to public cloud.

Why Capgemini Private Cloud?

Why Capgemini Private Cloud?

Capgemini Private Cloud IaaS brings real and immediate value to your business by removing the traditional barriers to agility and innovation, namely capital expenditure, protracted IT project timelines reliability and end-user familiarization.


On-Demand Infrastructure

Capgemini Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) combines the operational “pay-as-you-go” cost model with the security of a direct connection to your network. This private infrastructure cloud is offered in three service models depending on your requirements.

  • Express Private Cloud
  • Enterprise Private Cloud
  • Select Private Cloud

These flexible service-level offerings bring you:

  • Speed to value: frees staff to focus on value creation thanks to immediately available, reliable and scalable infrastructure
  • Business agility: matches your business needs through infrastructure resources and costs that scale up and down as required
  • Cost reduction: eliminates CapEx and reduces like-for-like OpEx
  • Reliability, privacy and governance: guarantees highly available, resilient and redundant infrastructure with variable service levels to suit your business
  • Greener IT: reduces overprovisioning of server estates and the accompanying surplus energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • A single integrated user experience: assures a common look and feel between existing and cloud-based applications

Advancing onto the Private Cloud

To determine what your next stage of engagement with cloud computing should be, we work in partnership with you to discover your business needs and find a service level that fits. We develop the most appropriate IaaS solution through:

  • Demonstrations that model functionality, service features and usability of the IaaS platform on your existing infrastructure
  • Detailed technical reviews that assess your business and technical requirements
  • On-site assessments that determine the readiness of your application portfolio and IT service environment
  • Consulting proof of concept that demonstrates transition and functionality of target applications
  • A 1-month trial period of Capgemini IaaS for a specific project
  • Flexible pricing options that ensure competitive rates compared to other private and public cloud service providers

Using Cloud to Accelerate Business Change

Since the emergence of cloud as a legitimate IT platform for enterprises, we've been at the forefront of bringing cloud computing to the enterprise. As well as providing a secure, resilient private cloud platform, we work with partners such as Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM and Microsoft to offer a rich portfolio of scalable, dependable cloud-based compute and storage services to hundreds of thousands of end-users.

Building on 40 years of experience in data center services, we created a Cloud Computing Center of Excellence. The Center helps you integrate cloud computing into your IT and business strategies, and build and manage scalable, next-generation infrastructure environments.

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