Platform as a Service (PaaS) : Build IT Agility by Going Cloud Native

Increase IT agility and better satisfy your customers with cloud-native applications: we leverage agile software development, micro-services architecture, containerization, DevOps and platform as a service to develop solutions that are optimized for cloud environments.

A Code for Disruption

Today’s businesses evolve at a rapid pace. They need enterprise applications that are highly flexible and scalable so that business can be more adaptive to ever changing market conditions. IT departments see the Cloud as the answer, and often migrate their existing workloads.
But new applications built directly on the Cloud can provide better long-term performance.  Companies need expert advice in choosing the best option for their workloads, and adapting to the cloud-native paradigm in which IT needs to be:
  • Fast
  • Adaptable
  • Continuously deployed
  • Loosely coupled    

IT Undergoes a Massive Transformation

Our cloud-native application services build needed speed and agility into software delivery through the following:
  • Micro-services: Smaller components help build out, enhance and release applications incrementally.
  • Containerization: Independent containers enable applications to be quickly moved, scaled and installed.
  • Agile excellence: Our scrum framework focuses on adopting our agile framework, supporting its technical aspects and enabling agile testing.
  • DevOps: Businesses develop and deliver software at different speeds, as they move toward end-to-end automation.
  • Workload replatforming: Leveraging the Cloud from development to production, we enhance speed, elasticity and cost effectiveness.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): We leverage PaaS solutions from our partners (Microsoft Azure, Google, Cloud Foundry, etc.) to abstract an application from its underlying structure, enabling developers to work on it independently.

Proven Experience in Accelerating IT Change

In collaboration with our clients, we tackle each step of the transformation process by using our proven methodology of discovery, proof of concept and scaling. For a recent client, we implemented a digital platform that enhanced the client’s deployment capabilities in over 50 countries and enabled quicker software release.
For another client, we migrated ColdFusion apps, resulting in:
  • Decreased total cost of ownership
  • Faster application development via self-service
  • Increased environment consistency
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