SAP in the Cloud

Now, you can get the flexibility and pricing advantages of a cloud environment, while still keeping full control of your SAP environment.

Why not enjoy all the advantages of a private cloud?

With COMPLETE for SAP, you can achieve the business benefits you need for optimal performance:

  • Speed to value:  with on-demand capacity, you can adapt and scale IT processing in response to market-driven changes and evolving business needs.
  • Business agility: as you gain the power to match service level agreements to business value, you’ll reduce procurement lead times and free up resources to innovate and respond to changing competitive conditions
  • Costs reduction: you’ll be able to leverage and allocate enterprise assets for operational efficiencies; what you pay depends on service-level requirements and actual usage
  • Reliability and privacy: with an available and resilient infrastructure, you can “right size” service provisioning, balancing dedicated and shared options in a 24x7 operating environment.
  • Single integrated experience: running multiple applications in a consolidated platform, COMPLETE optimizes your SAP applications, giving users a common “look and feel” that supports collaboration and productivity.

Perhaps best of all, because Capgemini is efficient and effective in our own methods — able to leverage our own “quick start” methodologies and tools — you’re assured of high quality and a rapid return on investment.

What’s inside COMPLETE?

  • COMPLETE is an end-to-end solution, available 24x7: hardware (servers), storage; network; security and compliance; and management support services (for platform/virtualization, non-production and production development, training, and disaster recovery, and resource bursting).
  • COMPLETE is built on a flexible infrastructure, giving your business the ability to adapt or scale IT service delivery based on changing, market-driven needs.
  • COMPLETE is architected with an abstraction and aggregation layer sitting on top of multiple topologies that allow for service level management, governance, metering and monitoring, billing, reporting and capacity planning. Your subscription reflects your unique service-level requirements and actual usage.
  • COMPLETE topologies are built on a “virtual private” infrastructure allowing full security with the benefit of a consumption based (pay as you go) model. The platform service includes the architectural design, implementation and management of the solution leveraging application.

Capgemini is your best choice, for all the right reasons.

To deliver the right cloud experience for each application, we begin with a "decision matrix" that relies on your unique business opportunities to guide the solution's design, migration, and integration. Then, working in a truly collaborative relationship, we'll help you:

  • Plan and execute a "journey to the cloud" with out-of-the-box cost savings
  • Leverage our internal knowledge to build reusable templates for rapid deployment
  • Realize the benefits of cloud computing within the right environment
  • Migrate any and all computing resources to the cloud model at your own pace
  • Achieve a "one stop shopping" experience for the purchase, installation, configuration, and support of a cloud

With Capgemini, you get a cloud solution that's simple, reliable, and complete — everything you're looking for, from a single service provider.

Joseph Coyle
Chief Technology Officer

Fred Benton
Sales Lead

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