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Capgemini Group CSR and Sustainability Report 2007

Capgemini Group CSR and Sustainability Report 2007.

By Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Paul Hermelin:

“For more than 40 years Capgemini has believed that being a responsible business
means far more than just legal compliance and philanthropy. It is, and always
has been, an integral part of who we are and what we do.

Our culture and business ethics are guided by our seven Group Values. These have
existed as long as the Group and they are now second nature to us and are at the
very heart of everything we do. We are determined to fully utilize the talents
of all our people as they are the real asset of the company.

With our encouragement, together, we can make a real contribution, for our clients,
suppliers and business partners, to the communities, for our own wellbeing and
for the sustainability of the world in which we live and operate. We do this in
our own special way through a long tradition of encouraging our employees to have
the courage to develop and implement innovative and ingenious solutions to the
challenges of all our stakeholders.

In 2004 Capgemini committed to the UN Global Compact and in 2007 as a natural
evolution to the way in which we wish to operate, we signed up to the UN Global
Compact ‘Caring for Climate’ initiative and are now prepared to take the next

2007 saw a lot of progress on our commitment to CSR & Sustainability. A year-long
internal CSR & Sustainability awareness campaign – “The Other Face ofCapgemini”-
and an increased focus on the various community programs, in India, Norway and
at Group level with the Naandi Foundation; Sogeti working with PlanetFinance and
the UK organization working with the Prince’s Trust are just a few highlights
of the many activities throughout the year.

We will continue to take our role as a responsible company seriously and encourage
our employees, clients, suppliers and partners to all play their part.