Fire up your SAP solution and accelerate ROI with CPGPath, Capgemini’s proven, SAP-certified approach for a rapid implementation with a lower total cost of ownership. 

Competition is Tough. So is CPGPath.

Faced with greater competition, consumer products companies need to make daily decisions faster and more accurately. They also need to stay innovative and spot the opportunities to exploit better new product development processes or the latest technologies.

Many consumer products companies already rely on SAP to drive critical areas of their business. But with an end-to-end solution like CPGPath, you can ensure all your operations perform even better. You could:
  • Create efficient and effective trade promotions
  • Satisfy demand for lower lifecycle costs
  • Make and sell the right products to the right markets

Fast Implementation with Ready-to-go Building Blocks

CPGPath lets you implement SAP fast. It can include licensing, hosting, implementation, maintenance, application management, and business process outsourcing.  You'll see real results and value fast thanks to proven building blocks:

  • Best industry practices, preconfigured for rapid deployment
  • Reusable objects, including layouts, interfaces, and reports
  • Proven process flows and procedures, including documentation
  • Test scenarios that reduce time and effort
  • Training that includes best practices in change management

Choose a Leading SAP Implementation Partner

Our global team of more than 13,500 SAP professionals brought innovative solutions to over 1,300 clients globally in 2012. Moreover, for nearly 20 years, we've been a trusted SAP Leading Global Integration Partner. This means that we're often chosen to be the first, and sometimes the only, implementation partner for SAP's strategic initiatives. We've also been recognized for our innovation and excellence, having won multiple SAP Pinnacle awards over the years. 
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