Record to Analyze

“We are very happy with the way Capgemini BPO team engaged with us to improve our operations.”
– Giulia Fitzpatrick, Head of Shared Service Center, Bunge

We are very happy with the way Capgemini BPO team engaged with us to improve our operations.

Giulia Fitzpatrick
Head of Shared Service Center, Bunge

Streamlined Processes for Better Business Outcomes

For many companies, financial processes vary across business units and locations. So when closing the books, the process can become inefficient because information and analytics aren’t streamlined. And for greater financial controls, companies need better visibility of financial statements.

A platform-based R2A can align your financial processes for better business outcomes. You can monitor trends and take necessary actions for assured fast close of your books and improved controls and compliance.

R2A Offerings Aligned to the CFO Agenda

You can make better business decisions by accessing key, timely information through our BPOpen and analytics platform which embeds our Global Process Model. This will standardize and harmonize your finance and accounting processes across your entire enterprise. As a result, you will achieve:

  • Assured fast close
  • Improved compliance
  • Ease of audits
  • Lower cost

How does it work?

You get assured fast close thanks to our virtuous circle approach of Record –>Report –> Analyze à Action

  • Record à Accurate Data: Prompt recording of all transactions for accuracy and completeness
  • Report à Relevant Information: Precise reporting of profit and loss and risks in your balance sheet
  • Analyze à Key Insights: Balance sheet analysis, and pre-close review
  • Action à Outcomes: Timely interventions through resource balancing, risk highlights, managing audits
record to analyse r2a

A Trusted Partner for End-to-End Finance Operations

Your dedicated R2A controllers at our Center of Excellence take full responsibility and accountability for all your R2A processes. We provide more than 500 qualified accountants to deliver the highest quality services for your needs.

We leverage our Global Process Model, a standard set of processes that represents global and industry best practices. Using key performance indicators, we drive better business decisions.

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