Information Strategy for Smart FS Enterprise

Establish a solid foundation for a truly successful Business Information landscape and harness business intelligence to make smarter decisions.

Achieving true intelligence requires a holistic view across people, processes and information based in reality. Changing technology will likely fail if the basics are not in place first.

Ernest Martinez
Principal, Head of Business Information Management Practice- UK, Capgemini FS

Holistic approach needed for Business Information to succeed

Fundamental to business information work for you is having a clear strategy of how information is managed in the organization; who owns data, is it clean and consistent, which information do people need and how do they want to interact with it?

Without an information strategy and roadmap, organizations can be doomed to living in a “black hole” of meaningless data.

Challenge is to gain a clear enterprise view of information, map it to a clear enterprise-wide strategy that supports the right business goals and required decision making.

Building a Strong Foundation for Your Information Strategy

Capgemini helps Financial Services firms establish a solid foundation for a successful Business Information landscape and plan its own journey forward to move up to varying levels of Information Management Maturity.

Using our proven “Intelligent Enterprise” methodology, we examine the firm across ten dimensions to map its Information Management maturity. We then help identify improvement areas and establish a roadmap. The result is a well-anchored information strategy, supported by a solid business case.

Our approach targets the following areas:

Leading Provider of BI services with Deep Domain Expertise in FS

  • Collaborating with global FS firms, Capgemini has extensive experience in development and deployment of effective information strategies. Our ability to combine information strategy and business consulting experience with deep FS expertise uniquely positions us to help our clients define what they're looking for and execute against it.
  • We have the resources and capabilities to connect you with a global pool of 9000 Business Information Management experts with 3000+ dedicated to Financial Services.

Unparalleled Investment in Intellectual Property

Capgemini industry renowned "Intelligent Enterprise" methodology brings proven pre-built diagnostics, analysis & design tools and frameworks to catalyze a successful strategy implementation and accelerate time to market while reducing risks.

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