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Eliminar barreras y conectar recursos para acelerar su viaje de transformación y alcanzar antes sus objetivos de negocio.

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Cloud first, the new normal

Transform to a cloud-first way of working

Cloud Choice is an integrated, end-to-end set of cloud services designed to accelerate your cloud enablement strategy


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Nuestro enfoque único de servicios de infraestructura conecta soluciones, servicios y proveedores para implementar soluciones integradas a través de la cadena de suministro de TI


We are helping organizations better align their IT investment with business value, paving the way to IT-as-a-Service

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My Experience

Transform today’s enterprise IT into an outstanding user experience while maintaining compliance and control

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My Workspace

My Workspace delivers a single, secure platform through which users can access all of their data and services via any device

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Digital Service Center

The Digital Service Centre provides a single point of access to sophisticated self-help capabilities and responsive, competent support agents

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Intelligent Service Center

Bring a business focus to end-user support with the Intelligent Service Center, an innovative managed service that drives continuous improvement in performance

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Distributed Smart Services

Get high-quality IT support whenever and wherever you need it: Distributed Smart Services deliver multiple levels of on-site IT support to meet every business need

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Service Integration

A collaborative way of working that enables multi-sourced IT services, from an ecosystem of independent service providers, to operate together as one

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Use SAP HANA to become a more agile enterprise that can respond quickly and effectively to change

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Automation Drive

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Cloud Infrastructure Services Automation Drive

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Point of View: Digital Transformation Begins with Infrastructure Automation.

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Brochure: The digital enterprise requires smarter infrastructure automation. Know more.

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Joeri Van Geystelen
Digital Transformation, Innovation, Enterprise Architecture, Technovision
Nice overview of tell-tale signs of bad architecture that could be optimized and reduce costs/increase efficiency

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