Insights & Data for Utilities

Extract insights from the complex data generated by connected devices and sensors in the smart grid and advanced metering infrastructure. Designed to deliver useful information and insights to drive greater business value


In a fast-changing world of connected devices, a truly smart grid depends on suppliers’ ability to make sense of the data, routing energy to the places where it is needed most in the most efficient way.

Understanding how people and businesses use energy not only promotes more efficient consumption but also enables suppliers to optimize their assets, using analytics to predict network problems before they arise. Maintenance should be organized according to need, not schedule.

Energy providers want to build next-generation relationships with consumers; the first step is giving consumers greater control. Through data analytics, providers can help customers to match their needs to the products and services, increasing loyalty and boosting revenues

Utilities across the globe are rapidly changing their traditional analytical landscape from traditional data warehouse and reporting to a blend of EDW, Hadoop and Advanced Analytics. Smarter grids create opportunities for utilities providers, but also threats of disintermediation and decreasing relevance, as consumers learn to manage demand more effectively and create their own supply.


Delivering Better Insights

We have made strategic investments in the area of analytics around smart metering, smart grids, customer service and operations. We have invested in assets, partnerships, people and infrastructure.   Strong global practices like Big Data, Data Science and Master Data Management work hand in hand with the sector teams to build solutions and to provide thought leadership. Our solution accelerators are available to help you achieve your vision of becoming a "Smart Utility".

Our specialists work in close partnership with you to develop a compelling business case for change while ensuring regulatory compliance. Thanks to our focus on risk management, we can guarantee reliable solutions and support that benefit from the latest technological innovations.

A full breadth of capability to help you drive value from your data:

  • Improved access to data and decision support through interactive dashboards, reports and ad hoc query tools that enable you to analyze data from different business areas in a single integrated solution
  • Operational monitoring and analytical solutions for initiatives like customer care programs, revenue protection and assurance, and demand response campaigns
  • Pre-defined and extensible data models for utilities (uLDM), developed with our technology partners, that ensure data accessibility and scalability while enabling reuse and documentation
  • Strategy development for monetization of the massive volumes of data from smart meters, smart grids
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics for forward looking insights.


Understanding the Smart Journey

Capgemini has worked with utilities companies worldwide and understands the smart journey. We've supported multiple utilities companies in North America and Europe in rolling out their smart meter programs and support their BI landscape and analytics programs.
  • Large electrical utility in Europe: Rightshore®  business information factory solution designed to ensure the customer’s regulatory concerns and European data security policy are fully covered
  • Large electrical utility in UK: Customer analytics solution, re-engineering of loyalty programs, reporting infrastructure , value assessment of big data landscape and future roadmap 
  • Large electrical utility in NA: EDW rationalization, big data pilots, engineering of uLDM, and supporting BI, DI and reporting programs

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