Insights & Data para el sector del consumo y retail

Los productos de consumo y las empresas del sector retail necesitan información instantánea para adaptarse de la forma más rápida posible a las volátiles condiciones del mercado. Ofrecemos datos en tiempo real, coherencia en la información y procesos eficientes para mejorar el rendimiento y obtener una ventaja competitiva.

Los minoristas operan en un entorno cada vez más veloz. El éxito en un mercado global no sólo depende de que el stock de productos sea el adecuado al canal de distribución y en el momento preciso, sino también de que se optimicen las estrategias de precios y promoción.
Data Analytics ofrece a las empresas de productos de consumo una oportunidad sin precedentes para identificar y actuar rápidamente sobre las principales tendencias y preferencias de los consumidores. Las ideas correctas pueden impulsar la lealtad, el mejor marketing, la promoción y el rendimiento de inventario, y las ventas.

Get the Insights from Your Data

Habilitación de datos en tiempo real, coherencia de la información y procesos eficientes para los sectores de productos de consumo y minoristasWe help you best use information to gain business insights. Our solutions enable you to make solid decisions based on timely and reliable information. They include:

  • Integrated Category Analytics & Insights: Transform decision-making and predict buying behavior to adjust your activities and propositions. We offer the necessary analytics on an as-a-Service basis.
  • Extreme Apps for Retail: Pull instant insights from your data to maximize the potential of each sale, promotion, and customer interaction to cross-sell and up-sell products and services and improve customer loyalty
  • Replenishment Analytics and Insights reporting: With Replenishment Analytics and Reporting you will be able to reduce the impact of bullwhip on supply chain and plant operations
  • Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO) Analytics: Our TPO analytics solution is a comprehensive framework that helps CPG companies to analyse trade allowances, trade incentives, trade contests, Point of purchase behaviour, vendor support programs performance and provide actionable insights to improve net-lift, reduce cannibalization and improve effectiveness of promotions
  • Data Science and Analytics: distinguish market noise from valuable business insights with our models and analytics solutions
  • Master Data Management and Global Data Synchronization: effectively manage large data volumes, produce accurate data and link businesses’ and customers’ information


Key Features


Our Consumer Products and Retail solutions provide a comprehensive analysis of your retail and consumer goods business by unleashing the power of:
  • Product assortment 
  • Price of product
  • Merchandizing and promotion
  • Category role and competing portfolio
  • Retail channel and format
  • Shoppers/consumers
The analytics engines that we have developed will help prepare an accurate forecast from all customer and transaction touch points influencing overall sales of the business unit, department, class or category, thereby improving the overall “customer value.”

Our “Analytics-as-a-service” model enables our customers to subscribe to a highly customized solution offering.

Using Data to Gain Insights

Our experts have worked with hundreds of consumer products and retail companies to help them reap the benefits of business information solutions. For example, we provided: 
  • Unilever with access to real-time information that doubled its business without increasing its environmental footprint
  • Provimi with an SAP HANA business analytics solution to accelerate decision making 
  • Philips with global data synchronization for three product divisions resulting in a consistent approach and value-added shopper interaction
  • A US discount store chain with a holistic information management program to unlock the potential of the massive volumes of available data
  • Albert Heijn with an automated data management solution to improve data accuracy and reduce errors

For more information contact Swaminathan Rajamani.

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