Microsoft Business Information Management

With IT budgets under pressure, companies are looking for interactive, multi-dimensional tools that can explore information from data warehouses, data marts, transactional applications and other systems.  Capgemini helps companies enable better reporting and analytics and improve their data warehouses by leveraging Microsoft’s Business Information Management platform.

A Business Productivity Platform to Shape Your Future

With Capgemini, you can leverage Microsoft’s Business Information Management platform to transfer data to a new resource-planning system or to synchronize and track customer data across your company.

Microsoft’s integrated tools combined with enterprise-class scalability and performance can lead to gains in your organizational effectiveness and IT efficiency through:

  • Improved user sharing and discovery of insights
  • Centralized portals
  • Increased team and organizational productivity
  • Easy-to-use interactive dashboards
  • Personalized and role-based view of data
  • Scorecards and key performance indicators
  • A powerful data warehouse platform
  • Better use of database storage
  • Accelerated proof-of-concept

Joining Forces for Self-Service Business Information

Capgemini and Microsoft have over five years of experience helping businesses gain greater IT efficiency. By joining forces, we deliver platform solutions upon which business data can be analyzed, visualized and score-carded.

We draw on our Intelligent Enterprise initiative to show you to how to use business information management based on the IT programs you are already using every day.

Combining Onshore and Offshore Delivery for Maximum Impact

The Capgemini approach to Microsoft’s Business Information Management combines onshore and offshore resources with a 20:80 ratio. Our information delivery center in India provides you with improved productivity via efficient use of resources, while our  Rightshore® approach brings together the right balance of the best talent from across our global network. Our experts provide the vision and discipline needed to build an IT strategy that delivers tangible business benefits.

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