Mobile Business Intelligence (BI)

With the influx of sophisticated smartphones and tablet computers, business intelligence is going mobile. Informed decision-making can now be made in the field in real-time, improving efficiency and reducing turnaround times.

Mobile BI Delivery in Action

Capgemini's Mobile BI solution is based on a project we carried out to build the first BusinessObjects mobile reporting solution for a major consumer products company in North America. The company’s top 50 executives and vice-presidents needed immediate, ongoing access to critical unit sales volume metrics. Working in partnership with the business users, Capgemini delivered four mobile-enabled reports to make this information accessible on demand.


Business Intelligence Doesn't Have to be Stuck in the Office 

Our structured approach to Mobile BI enables executives and information consumers to analyze and dissect intelligence on the go from a smartphone or tablet device as easily and effectively as from an office computer. They can now make critical, informed decisions anytime and from anywhere.

Based on real-world success stories, our Mobile BI solution ensures:

  • Increased speed of delivery of business information
  • Enhanced business decisions by providing the data that executives need to make informed decisions at all times
  • A more engaging, interactive user experience

Decision-making on the Go 

With over 7,500 BIM practitioners around the globe, Capgemini combines expertise in information strategy, business consulting and BI technologies to ensure seamless and effective implementation. Our BIM Center of Excellence in Mumbai, India consists of 2,500 skilled consultants as a part of our Rightshore® model.

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