SAP HANA Migration Factory

Ahorrar tiempo, reducir costes y gestionar los riesgos: La factoría de migración a SAP HANA de Capgemini apoya todas las fases de la migración a SAP HANA, a través de las evaluaciones de lanzamiento.

Seamless SAP HANA Migration

Companies are increasingly recognizing the power of real-time computing to instantly leverage data and information. SAP’s new application suite, S/4HANA, allows enterprises to run every facet of their business in real time, unifying analytics and transactions on a single platform.

But migrating SAP applications can be daunting. SAP migration projects encompass several business-critical functions and are spread across a web of complex landscapes. This presents obvious challenges to companies looking to manage risk, time and costs.


Enhanced Agility and Simplicity

Capgemini’s SAP HANA migration factory solution reduces SAP HANA migration time and delivers real business value through three distinct methods:
  • Assessment: includes a readiness check, add-on analysis and custom code analysis for Unicode, upgrade, SAP HANA code compliance & optimization 
  • Technical migration: provides an accelerated technical migration (including Unicode conversion and upgrade if necessary) and mandatory code adaptation for SAP HANA code compliance
  • Optimization: offers code optimization to maximize the benefits of the of  SAP Business Suite migration to SAP HANA 

  • Reduced migration time-frame
  • Enhanced agility 
  • Streamlined simplicity 
  • Increased cost efficiency


Capgemini: A Proven SAP Leader

Capgemini has over 40 years of strong partnership with SAP, and over 16,300 SAP experts. Over the years, we have implemented the migration to SAP HANA for  numberousglobal organizations across industry sectors such as Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities, and Services.

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