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Today's healthcare payers are facing more challenges than ever before driven by a number of factors: government regulations, social media, rapid technology advances, and cultural change. Customers are becoming truly multi-channel and multi-dimensional and want to interact with their health insurance company seamlessly, real-time and through various methods including phone, text, email, web and social media. To survive and flourish, healthcare payers must redefine themselves to meet the demand for a flexible, nimble and responsive organization.

Customer Focus is the Key to Success

Customer experience is the key to success within healthcare reform. An insurer that puts the customer at the center requires integration across communication channels and functions and a holistic view of the enterprise. Capgemini has partnered with Pegasystems to provide solutions that let healthcare payers put customers first.

Capgemini Solutions

With over 25 years experience delivering solutions to healthcare organizations, Capgemini has the right experience and expertise to help you meet today’s changing market. Our solutions for healthcare payers include:

  • Prior Authorization: Explore our fully integrated electronic Prior-Authorization (ePA) solution which can be implemented either as commercial, "off-the-shelf" application onsite or as a hosted solution (Software as a Service).
  • Social Insight into Action: Capgemini’s offering helps insurers do more than just monitor social media activity; we help companies turn social media insights into action. View our demo for more information.
  • Claims Transformation: Capgemini offers business-driven, end-to-end claims transformation services that enable you to enhance your brand value and achieve sustainable growth. Learn how we’ve helped our clients reduce claims cycle time by an average of 15-20% and lower total cost of ownership from 20-40%.
  • Service Test Toolkit: Our toolkit includes use cases and accelerators to speed testing of your health insurance systems. Capgemini’s testing services are rated #1 by Ovum

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