Intelligent Test Automation Platform for Financial Services

Reduce costs and time to market by harnessing simple and smart integration principles to rapidly automate test scenarios and middleware services across the testing lifecycle

The High Cost of Testing

As reported in the World Quality Report 2015-2016, testing budgets seem to be spiraling out of control, already representing 35% of IT budgets and forecasted to reach 40% by 2018. While time-saving activities like automated test cases and agile have been adopted by many companies, the use of these tools and methodologies alone is not translating into the expected cost or effort savings. With the digital disruption of FinTechs and Blockchain technologies pushing financial institutions to accelerate innovation, testing organizations must move faster than humanly possible. This is driving a need for truly intelligent testing solutions where existing automated test assets and tools work together to provide a superior end-to-end testing experience with high quality and lower costs.

Make Your Testing Efforts Count

Capgemini’s Intelligent Test Automation Platform for FS is a self-service testing system specifically built for fast paced, complex enterprises like global banks, financial firms and insurers. Combining proprietary accelerators and IP, commercial testing packages and open source stack, our Intelligent Test Automation Platform complies with open services to drive excellence across the software development lifecycle. The platform streamlines multiple touch points and brings proven automation solutions together under one roof, helping lower costs without reducing quality.

Using Capgemini’s rapid script-less automation and design frameworks, banks and insurers can automate test scenarios and middleware services for early testing and certification that are cross compatible and run on multiple channels with no additional effort. Unlike individual automation testing efforts, Intelligent Test Automation Platform connects and integrates assets and uses unit tests results, code coverage analysis and prediction algorithms to optimize test packs so your financial institution knows what to test and how frequently, eliminating wasted time and effort.

Powered by robotic agents, our platform delivers efficiency and performance using parallel execution on premises, the cloud, devices or designated server farms. Routine, repeated tasks like build acceptance or execution of smoke, sanity and regression suites can be configured to run as scheduled jobs with no manual effort. The solution lets financial institutions easily design jobs, perform early automation testing, and fast track Dev-Ops and continuous execution. Our Intelligent Test Automation Platform lets testers and developers shift left by smartly integrating existing automation assets, bringing financial institutions a continuous delivery solution to address critical DevOps challenges.

Integration drives cost savings and improves time to market

Built with simple and powerful integration principles supported by intelligent automation testing, Intelligent Test Automation Platform reduces time to market and lowers the cost of quality assurance efforts. Our clients have seen up to 10% improvement in service quality and:

  • Achieved up to 60% first pass rate improvement
  • Decreased quality assurance costs by up to 30%
  • Lowered test cycle time by up to 60% reduction in test cycle time

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